Tuesday, January 25, 2011

How To Make Money and Leveling TIps For Newbies / Beginners - The World of Magic / IMO

Ok, you are new to this game. Leveling and money making should be your priority at the moment so here are some basics you need to know:

1. Since you are new, people will try to scam you, (eg. if you loot a weapon from boars and someone sees you, they will try to pay you 150 for a weapon that actually sells for 400 at the secret merchant shop in town, overprice you, scam you for platinum items etc...) so be mindful.

2. Secret Merchant buys 2.5x more than other NPC's - best choice for selling your stuff

3. The Black Trader is the best choice when it comes to selling your stuff and buying stuff from other people. You can only get to the BT when you have a premium ticket:
I. How do i get a premium ticket?

a. By purchasing it for real cash via platinum and buying the starter pack from the premium/platinum shop

b. Save up to 15k - 25k then buy the platinum ticket from other people (the best choice to people who do not want to spend real cash)

II. After purchasing, double-tap on the ticket and you are premium forever on that account!

4. At first, sell everything you get from the koii/boar map (1st field map) to the secret merchant (especially weapons).

then when you get to level 6 - 9, you can try the second map (mush forest) and do the same, but do not sell the old cloths and feathers you collect. trade them to prof. kulin (also on the mush forest map) for a chance to get enchant weapons and enchant armor. these sell in secret merchant for 8k - 16k. you can also go for 20-25k when selling them in BT.

5. on levels 10 - 13 you can try the beach and kill crabs, sandman, and koopas/roopas
Sell to NPC: all small corals, soil
Sell to BT: all skill books you obtain. check the BT competitive price
all shields (or just NPC)
koopa scales(needed in primary quests and items quest)
Do not sell: Pirate coins (you can trade 10 for exp at beach respawn site at level 11)

IF YOU WANT, sell all to BT or sell all to NPC

6. when you get to level 15, you shouldn't be reading this guide because by that time, you are not a newbie anymore! Congratulations, and Good luck!

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  1. well to more precise ur guide the secret merchant would be Crimsonabre merchant if you are a Lanos and Secretphantom Merchant if u r a Siras.
    Also premium tickets are worth about 20k plus cuz of inflamation on it but it has been this way for a while so dont wait to buy it. it is a neccessary item for anyone above lv 15!!(plus almost everyone lv 20+ has it unless ur a weird deranged person)

  2. where is the crimsonabre merchant located? i cant find it =(

  3. where is the crimsonabre merchant located? i not found!