Thursday, January 27, 2011

How to remove lag in The World of Magic / IMO

common newbie statement: "This game is too f****n' lag' "

Well it is not. Not really. Look through the in-game system setting and check on game speed. When I was new I thought that I had a really slow connection at 512 kbps because I was lagging really bad. I checked every single in-game option and found out that the game speed affects it.

I found the game speed 8-10 is somewhat lag when there are so many people on the same map (skills take forever to cast, browsing through the BT takes 2 mins to load etc) yet walking seems to run smoothly

I tried game speed 1-5 and the same skills cast almost instantly on the same crowded map, yet the animation frames will be reduced dramatically. I believe game speed 4 is the best on a slow connection, because it has average animation frame rate, and almost no lag.

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  1. Thanks for giving information.It's very useful tips for beginners.When i had a lag problem while playing online game,i followed your tips.After that i checked my lag rate whether it's low or high using I got good results.